Solar Outages

Posted on September 17, 2018 - (3 years ago)

Solar outage season is fast approaching (in October) and our friends over at Satcom Resources

have released a new solar outage calculator to help assist you in determining when this will affect you.


The solar calculator can be found here: Outage Calculator


Some helpful tips about the tool:


  1. Enter the satellite location degrees, rather than selecting from the dropdown.  The locations are:
  2. XDS C-band – SES-11:  105 degrees
  3. XDS KU Band – SES-3: 103 Degrees
  4. SES-3 SCPC Channels: 103 Degrees
  5. IP Over Satellite – Echostar 9: 121 Degrees
  6. SES-2: 87 degrees
  7. Ensure you select Fall as the season
  8. Enter 2018 as the year
  9. For your antenna location, just chose a location that is close to your city/state.  Calculations may be off by a few seconds for start or end times

Thanks to Nate from Orbital on this information.