2013 Spring Sun Outage Information

Posted on March 4, 2013 - (6 years ago)

Please be advised that we are coming upon the spring solar outage period. A solar outage is an event that occurs two times a year (once in the spring and once in the fall) when the position of the Earth, relative to the sun, is within direct line of all geosynchronous satellites. This can temporarily disrupt satellite reception. The duration of the interference is typically less than 15 minutes and depends upon several factors including the receive site’s lat/long, the satellite’s orbital slot, the earth station antenna size and pointing accuracy, and the inclination of the satellite.

Below is a table that indicates predicted outage times for several areas across the country for AMC 8. Please note that the times indicated are “peak times” that outages are highly likely. Outages can possibly occur within a day or two on either end of the predicted times, based upon the factors listed above. If you would like to calculate a time specific to your location, please Click Here.


Peak Dates

Approximate Time

New York, NY March 3 – 6 16:46 – 16:58 EST
Atlanta, GA March 5 – 7 16:46 – 16:59 EST
Chicago, IL March 2 – 5 15:43 – 15:56 CST
Dallas, TX March 5 – 8 15:42 – 15:55 CST
Denver, CO March 3 – 5 14:38 – 14:50 MST
Seattle, WA Feb 28 – March 3 13:29 – 13:42 PST
Los Angeles, CA March 4 – 7 13:32 – 13:45 PST